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The living room is the heart of every home, it’s a place where you will feel at comfort and at peace. That’s why is important to choose a proper furniture for this space, furniture that will give you enjoyment and relaxation, after all, you will be spending most of your time here. When your guests come, you need to provide them a sense of warmth and they need to feel welcomed.

The first thing you need to do is to measure the space that will be your living room, use a meter and write down all measurements.

Also, it’s important to have the right temperature in the living room and the whole house. This is where you can contact one of the many HVAC companies NYC to assist you in the installation, repair and maintenance of any heating or air conditioning systems in your home.

Plan your floor space, for this you can use a plain paper and sketch different positions of the furniture, you should also take into consideration that you should leave at least one meter between pieces of furniture. If you leave smaller space, you will have to squeeze in between in order to walk.

Measure doorway just in case. You will avoid any troubles when your furniture arrives and you cannot bring it into the house. Once you decided your mind about furniture and its place, you should mark those spots in order to get a better visual look. You can spread newspaper over the spots, or you can use painter’s tape.

Depending on the purpose of the room, you will need to decide what type of furniture you will be using. If you want to turn this into a family room, then you will need a furniture that is resistant and made of solid materials, especially If you have small children. But, if you want this room to be only for entertainment and for occasional guests, you can choose furniture that has delicate fabrics and some fragile pieces.

Some living rooms have built in elements that can decide what type of furniture you will be using. For example: if your living room has the fireplace, then most suitable furniture would be rustic. On the other hand, if you live in an apartment, then the best choice would be modern furniture.
Before you invest more money in your living room, you need to reconsider what you already have. If you may need to throw something away, but the rest might be still good, so why wasting more money when you don’t have to?

You should invest money in quality furniture because if you buy something that is cheap then it is easily breakable and doesn’t have quality. You will need something made of solid materials, such as oak and metal. It may cost you little more, but it will be durable.

When you choose fabrics, use those that are stain resistant. High-quality fabric will not only create a feeling of comfort but will also last longer than a cheap one. If you have children these fabrics are extremely useful.

When choosing colors and patterns of furniture you should follow one theme. You don’t want to mix different things together in that way you will create the effect of chaos and your living room will look messy. Furniture design is also very important.

If you have more space, use some accessories to fill in empty spots, flowers can come as a handy solution.
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Small apartments have their advantages, such as lower cost of furnishing, smaller bills for utilities and above all, you will need less time to clean it up. Small apartment can be highly functional and comfortable but only If you have right sense to decorate it with a style.

COn the first sight, open space can look ideal when decoration of small apartment is in order. However, this is just an illusion, because over the time this type of space can burden your eyes and with the lack of definition this space can lose its sense and can look messy. Define different areas and space of the apartment and give them purpose. Set up quality closets for your coats and shoes beside a door – in that way you can emphasize your anteroom.

Space between kitchen and room for dining is ideal for bar, which will perfectly separate these two rooms and at the same time it can be used as a storage place. At the bottom of bar, you can install shelves and drawers. You can buy a sofa in some unusual color and set in beside club table, it will draw attention to your living room.
If you have some hobbies or interest don’t be afraid to show them in your space. The key thing is to let your imagination loose. Your apartment needs to have your personal stamp; after all you will be living here. Your home needs to give you relief and sense of peace.

When a small apartment is in order, every square foot is important – try to use maximum from every space. You can achieve this by buying multifunctional furniture. Bedrooms are really good for this type of furniture, buy a bed that can be turned into a sofa, while you are watching TV or drinking coffee. You can use box below your bed to store different types of things. It is highly important to take into consideration measurement of the furniture; you don’t want to get the opposite effect.

After spending time in the same space, especially in the small apartment, everything can become boring. However, have you ever taken a good look at your apartment and noticed how many dead corners and unused walls are there, especially in the upper parts? Pay extra attention to and then consider how these areas can be turned into your advantage, in order to be functional, but in the same way to give your home warmth and comfort.

Most important thing you need to do when furnishing small apartment is that you should put an accent on furniture you can put on walls. The more space you use on the walls, the more space will be left at the bottom parts, which you can use for some other things.

Use the brighter shades. Besides, these colors are more modern, and they will give your apartment more space, on the other hand dark colors will only narrow it. Choose two colors to dominate your space

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How to furnish your office?

Since we live in time where communication and work from home are highly popular, arrises the need to have a suitable furniture for our office. This type of space doesn’t only consist of a computer desk and chair anymore. Today, people want to have functionality and durability when their home office is in order and they try to convert it in the traditional one. This involves different type of shelves, closets, cabinets, space for fax, copy machine, phones and others.

When you intend to furnish your office, you need to keep in mind what type of job you are performing and what level of professionalism is expected from you. For someone who is working as an operator, the office doesn’t need to be too functional – one desk, one chair and phone are enough.


If you are short on money and you have simple needs, you can choose to visit some of the furniture stores, where you can find affordable prices. For one chair and one desk, you won’t have to spend too much money. But, if your office is a place where you will be receiving clients, you might need to reconsider this idea. Your working space needs to give an impression of professionalism and enjoyment at the same time.

Next step would be to reconsider turning your whole room into the office. You will need functional, suitable and neat furniture, you don’t want to create mess in your space by choosing the wrong furniture.

If you want for your office to look professional, you will need to spend enough money and time to go specialized shops. Even then you don’t need to spend large amounts of money in buying something that you will not need, for example chairs that CEO use. Take into consideration that clients, while waiting, will be needing some place to sit; it might be a good choice to buy additional chairs and desk, or maybe some small sofa.

Office furniture often gives the impression to the clients what kind is your business philosophy. If you choose right furniture you will definitely leave a positive effect on your clients.

There is practical side that you need to reconsider: size of the furniture. If you decide to use oak as a basic material for your furniture, it may look stylish, elegant, it will surely give a note of seriousness to your office, but you if you have small children running around, that might not be a good solution.

If you are renting an apartment, there is always a possibility that you will have to move some day, in some other apartment or house, which is not that close. You will need to think practically and wisely before you buy massive and heavy furniture, which will be hard to move. If your office doesn’t have a “permanent home”, then your office furniture needs to be functional and easy movable.

It’s highly important to leave some personal stamp – after all, you will be spending most of your time here. Use accessories that will remind you of your loved ones, or put some flower that will freshen up the space and make him less sterile.

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